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> "You seem to be willfully refusing to deal with a reality that does
> not conform to your ideal view of how the world should be."
> This is the crux of where we differ, I guess. Yes, you are entirely
> concerned with how software *is* practiced today. And I respect that.

I think how we differ is in our willingness to accept that it is ok to trade-off faults in delivered software for the opportunity of making money.

> "Ok. Can I have a copy of your data please. I would be happy to
> analyze and write about your success."
> Unfortunately I don't have detailed to-the-person-hour data for these
> projects. Besides, that data would almost certainly be considered
> proprietary by the organization in question. That said, however, here's

A very common problem in empirical software engineering.

> data that I can give you:

> Is this enough data? Or, do you need more?

This is not data anymore than a list of unsuccessful projects is data.

Software engineering researchers need to start thinking big. NASA spends billions for a few snaps of a distant planet. What about spending a few tens of millions on a project where the same system is implemented using various techniques, with lots of data being gathered.

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