Re: [SystemSafety] Data on Proof effectiveness from real projects

From: Derek M Jones < >
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2016 20:23:16 +0100


> What's your source for the 44% number? I'm very interested in that kind of
> data. My source says 56% of defects are in requirements and 27% are in
> design. Only 7% are coding. The remaining 10% are defects logged against
> other things: test cases, test plans, project plans, etc.

There is no reason to think that any of these percentages should be confined to a narrow range of values.

Percentages can also be misleading. X might have 70% in requirements, 30% in coding, while Y has 30% in requirements and 70% in coding. Subsequent investigation finding that X and Y had the same number of defects in requirements but very different processes going on in coding.

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