[SystemSafety] Does "reliable" mean "safe" and or "secure" or neither?

From: Chris Hills < >
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 17:25:04 +0100

Hi All

I came across someone using the term "reliable" to also infer safe and secure.
I contended that "reliable" does not automatically mean safe or secure.

I can think of cases where systems behave in a reliable (repeatable/predictable) way that is not safe and other that are reliable land certainly not secure. I have seen a demo of a very reliable system that has a completely open password and will then use a well-known comms protocol to give you any information you ask for. Though it is safe doing what it is supposed to do (as long as you can't re-purpose it to be dangerous).

What is the current thinking? Does "reliable" also infer safe or secure?



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