Re: [SystemSafety] How Many Miles of Driving Would It Take to Demonstrate Autonomous Vehicle Reliability?

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Doing a quick survey the majority of regulations are specific to testing of highly automated and autonomous vehicles e.g. Google test vehicles.

As far as I can Tesla falls into a legal grey area in that the vehicles are not part of a test program and as such are not expressly prohibited in the USA though their functionality would appear to be perhaps illegal in the Netherlands.

In the USA NHTSA states that they will be working towards regulation sometime this year and there are currently no specific UNECE regulations though they have a working group. Some people may find the paper in the following link interesting though I haven't as yet looked it in detail myself. gal-united-states

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> How about a prescribed solution to the "trolley problem" ethical
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> ( and
> strong evidence that it has been implemented correctly.

There are known quasi-acceptable (but not perfect) solutions, and some known unacceptable solutions, that have been published over the last fifty years.

The regulators publish a list of all (to them) quasi-acceptable solutions. The regulators further require autonomous vehicles to implement (correctly) all quasi-acceptable solutions, along with a (correct) random selection device for a quasi-solution which, in an trolleyological situation, randomly executes the manoeuvres for that randomly selected quasi-solution.

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