Re: [SystemSafety] Does "reliable" mean "safe" and or "secure" or neither?

From: Peter Bernard Ladkin < >
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 05:00:13 +0200


On 2016-04-20 23:18 , Les Chambers wrote:
> But here's the thing, any standards body that goes down this path will soon encroach upon the territory of
> established religion whose moral codes often diverge even though their collective central core is probably the same.

That is utter nonsense.

We are talking about properties of systems and code and trying to figure out which of them are objective and which not. Most of us in standards want to be able to define something like the trustworthiness of a system, in this case with respect to safety or security properties, and we use the word "integrity" for it, because one has to have a word for it and that's as good as any. No one has yet succeeded in defining an objective property, in the way in which many people have succeeded in defining objectively what it is for code to fulfil its specification. I guess we shall continue to try until we succeed.

BTW, I was preoccupied with other things yesterday and failed to notice, until too late, that what I thought had become a private chat, between four people who know each other, wasn't. Participants here will appreciate at least in principle that my private chatter differs in style from my public communication. Mea culpa. I hope no one was offended.

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