Re: [SystemSafety] Does "reliable" mean "safe" and or "secure" or neither?

From: Peter Bishop < >
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 08:35:12 +0100

On 20/04/2016 17:30, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:

> A key technical point comes out of this, which we will address at the
> German standards authority on May 4, along with German colleagues
> active in ICS safety+security and NPP safety+security within the IEC.
> And that is that the requirements for updating safety-critical
> software conflict with the usual update cycle for security and nobody
> - nobody - I have talked to knows how to solve that problem. Roger is
> very aware of it. The recent IEC offerings on safety+security gloss
> over it. We've gotta solve it somehow. (For Bertrand, I mentioned
> this also to Gilles Deleuze. I know now that the French, the Brits
> and the Germans are all interested in a solution. Of course, being
> interested in one and getting one are two different things.)
I agree this clash between safety and security is a significant problem in the systems I have looked at.

For safety you don't want to changed your approved/accepted system unless you really have to. For security you have to update all the time to deal with new attacks / vulnerabilities.



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